We have broken the areas of service in the Secondary Market Annuities based on what your involvement is. Secondary Market Annuities are simply put Structured Settlements that are or have been sold. We represent clients and provide structured settlement services in the following areas.


Buying a Structured Settlement

Selling a Structured Settlement

Transferring a Structured Settlement

Independent Professional Adivce

As a Structured Settlement Attorney we can provide you with assistance in all areas listed above. Utilizing our expertise in the area of structured settlements to ensure your transactions go as well as possible.

In the preceding pages we hope that you will be able to find all the information you need. As in most legal cases each one is unique and different, and we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.

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We are in fact NOT a Factoring Company or Broker, we are a Law Firm That provide Structured Settlement Services to clients in various aspects of the structured settlement transfer and secondary market annuity field. Providing advice and directions to navigate the court process, and protect the best interest of the client on the case by case basis.
The information provided in the various pages and articles are to considered as Newsletters and information only and not as legal advice, as each case needs to be examined individually, due to no 2 cases are identical.

Areas of Representation

  • Purchase Structured Settlements
  • Sell Structured Settlements
  • Transfer Structured Settlements
  • Purchase Lottery Payments
  • Sell Lottery Payments
  • Transfer Lottery Payments
  • Purchase Future Payments Streams
  • Sell Future Payment Streams
  • Transfer Future Payment Streams
  • We are Not a Factoring Company,
    We are Independent Professional Advisors

    We offer free consultations on all matters. Plus no "cost advice"*

    *In CA, where our fees must be paid by the ultimate purchaser of payments separate, apart, and in addition to the purchase price....

Selling Structured Settlements

Are you being treated fairly? If you are in the middle of selling your structured settlement, and unsure if you are getting the best price, or concerned your best interests are not a priority.

Buying Structured Settlements

Purchasing a Secondary Market Annuity can be comlex, and having outside counsel in your corner can add some level of assurance you are not missing anything.

Transfer Structured Settlements

Need an Attorney to assist in transferring a settlement? We've done over 10k transfers throughout the states. Our track record speaks for itself!

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