Secondary Market Annuity Attorney

Dear Potential investor:

Please allow me to formally introduce myself now that you have had the opportunity to research various Secondary Market Income Streams (“SMIS”); and possible options that may be of interest to you.

As a general rule, I encourage individuals to focus on the purchase of “pre-issued” or “secondary market” annuities; as such financial products are by far the most secure class of all SMIS assets available and provide a low risk, high yield rate of return of about 5.0% or greater.

Best of all, based on current “Market Benchmark Rates”, the yields from such “pre-issued” annuities far surpass all similarly comparable existing classes of low risk assets currently available in the financial marketplace, including but not limited to all of the following classes of assets: Treasuries, “Primary Market” Fixed Annuities, SPIA’s (Single-Premium Immediate Annuities), and CD’s.  As a quick comparison, the present yields available for all of the above referenced “similar low risk” financial products (as of June 14, 2012) are as follows:

·       5yrFixed Annuity: 2.30%

·       5yrTreasury: 0.62%

·       5yrSPIA: 0.45%

·       5yrCD: 1.80%

·       10yrFixed Annuity: 3.15%

·       10yrTreasury: 1.47%

·       10yrSPIA: 1.90%

Most important, is the security and low risk involving this type of investment. If done properly; the obligation to “guarantee” the payment of the future payment stream (although not FDIC insured); is actually “secured” by at least 2 A (or better) rated Insurance Carriers; as well as a separate State Guarantee Fund (in most cases).

The procedure is accomplished by means of a “Court Order” judicial process that actually results in you (or any entity you choose) ultimately being named as the “final assignee” of all rights to purchased future payment stream in underlying Court Order itself!

Next, that Court Order is then specifically “acknowledged” by each individual insurance carrier involved in the “judicial process” as well; creating both a direct and independent legal obligation between you and each respective carrier, providing you with up to 3 separate avenues of “guaranty” to “insure” against default by any one party.

To assist us in taking our professional relationship to the next level, I would like to arrange for us to speak at your convenience; so that we can determine the specific returns you are seeking to obtain (based on an annual average basis); the time frames you are seeking to “capture” (i.e.: when you wish the future payments to commence); as well as the amount of funds you are initially planning to invest .

Next, once we have established the specifics of your “core criterion”; we can then seek to develop a uniquely tailored wealth management strategy suit ed to your explicit needs. Note, I am actually also extremely optimistic that your financialgoals can be achieved as well;  your financial “goals”are both very realistic, and reasonable. Of course, depending on your level of “risk tolerance”, we can also discuss a number of other SMIA options, too!

Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience sothat we can set up a time to speak.

I very much look to forward to speaking with you soon!

Warm regards.

Very truly yours,

Eugene A. Ahtirski,Esq.


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