Funding company’s Differences for Structured Settlement Transfers

Most companies that but structured settlements are very similar if not the same. They only fall into a few different categories, large corporate structures and smaller individual companies. Also you can separate them by N.A.S.P. members and Non-N.A.S.P. members.

Now selling your structured settlement is a completely personal matter, and deciding who you deal with and why is also a personal matter.

So i know you are saying what is NASP?  The easiest way is to take a look at their website, this is what their front page reads:

NASP is the only trade association in the country relating to the secondary market for structured settlements. Since 1996, NASP and its members have worked diligently to create, support and promote a vibrant, competitive, viable, secondary market for structured settlements.

NASP supports structured settlements and believes that they can be an excellent tool for settling lawsuits. Yet, they have a significant drawback. Structured settlements are, for the most part, inflexible and illiquid. When people who are receiving structured settlement payments (commonly referred to as “payees”) find that their “structure” is not allowing them to achieve their personal or financial objectives, or when their personal, family, or financial circumstances change, such that they need or desire liquidity and flexibility, these payees turn to the secondary market.

NASP is dedicated to insuring that the secondary market is available to payees who find that they need or desire flexibility and liquidity. A viable, competitive secondary market makes structured settlements more valuable, desirable, and beneficial.

The mission of NASP is to educate the public and other interested parties about the secondary market and support and promote the secondary market. NASP and its member companies have worked with legislators, regulators, courts, judges, court administrators, insurance companies, primary market brokers, plaintiff’s lawyers and others around the country to insure that the secondary market remains viable, fair, competitive, and transparent. NASP is proud of the service and support it provides its members and, most importantly, payees who desire the flexibility, liquidity, and security of a viable secondary market.

Now these members consist of Large Corporate structures and smaller individual companies, along with other companies and lawyers such as Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski, & Andres Financial Group LLC; who are affiliate members. Affiliate members are typically companies or lawyers who are involved in the secondary market of structured settlements as independent professional advisors, consultants, underwriters, attorney’s of record, etc..

Non- NASP members are made up a lot of the same elements, just they do not subscribe to the NASP membership.

I personally do not say one is better than the other, that is what you have to decide what is best for you. We routinely compare deals against Non NASP & NASP members. You can compare two NASP deal to each other and to a Non- NASP member and get varying results. you have to take in all the surrounding conditions, and each deal has to be held on it’s own merit.

This is why many states require and most NASP companies suggest using an Independent proffessioanl advisor, such as the Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski or Andres Financial Group

I know this is alot of information but this is just the tip of the iceberg and part of why you should seek guidance if you are looking to sell your structured settlement payments.


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