Structured Settlement Attorney Independent Professional Advisor

Structured Settlement Attorney Independent Professional Advisor

Independent Professional Advisor Helps Consumer:  Comparison of Court Terms

In Comparison of Court Terms (part 1) we left off with the “J’s”.  And like we said in Part 1:  Court language can get tricky because of similar words used in phrases, or some concepts are used in Civil Court, and others for Criminal Court, but the meanings are VASTLY different.  Take a look:


Limited Criminal refers to misdemeanors, infractions, and traffic offenses.  Limited Civil refers to cases with claims up to $25,000, including small claims cases.  General Criminal refers to felony matters, and General Civil refers to cases over $25,000.


Opening statements are made by the parties at the beginning of the trial, explaining what they believe the evidence in the case will show.  Closing arguments happen at the conclusion of the trial, where the parties tell the jury what they think the evidence presented has proven, or not proven.  (Transfers of structured settlement payment rights are special proceedings for Civil Court, not a trial, so there will not be a jury).


Quash means to set aside or vacate.  If a bench warrant is quashed, it is vacated and not issued or released.  A warrant recall refers to a warrant that has been released, possibly executed, and is then ordered “recalled” by the court which terminates the warrant.


Courtesy of Los Angeles Superior Court

The comparison of court terms is a basic idea of how courts work and it can help to the difference between a structured settlement attorney acting as an Independent Professional Advisor and a general practice attorney acting as an Independent Professional Advisor. All attorneys know and understand these terms. But knowing how things apply to a structured settlement transfer and whether they have any bearing or not on the petition, requires an attorney that works with structured settlements on a regular basis. This knowledge can mean the difference between approval and denial, or even a continuance instead of a denial.

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