Selling my structured settlement, how do i know who to believe.

Selling my structured settlement, how do i know who to believe.

You have a structured settlement and you are sitting home watching television and you see one of the many late night ads on TV telling you it’s your money stop the repo man by getting money today for your structured settlement or whatever it is saying. truth is most people that see those commercials will never see this article. why you ask? because they do not do any research, and take the first offer given to them.

Now i’m not here to tell you that this is a bad thing, but when you go buy a car to you walk on to the first lot you see look at the sticker in the window, sign the documents and drive off? no! you drive the car, maybe you drive 2 or 3 cars. you might even drive the same type of car at 3 different lots, then look at the finance options on the same car at 2 or more locations. am i right? of course i am, but that’s beside the point.

As you might already be able to tell i’m not a professional writer, what i am is a long time Independent Professional Advisor in the structured settlement industry, primarily the secondary market. that’s basically when you have a structured settlement and sell it to someone else makes it the secondary market.I have been on the buyer side, I have been the legal side, and have been on the seller’s side. But this isn’t about me, this about you and protecting yourself in a structured settlement transfer. ( Google search Independent Professional Advisor for more information.)

What am i trying to say here, is simple get a second opinion. everyone buying structured settlements has a different perspective on what is a fair deal, and the courts have their own perspective.

Also don’t be in a hurry, there is a process that has to be followed. the process is a court process and no one can change that, i don’t care what they say.

so a couple rules to use as rule of thumb:
1. get a second opinion
2. don’t rush
3. have a plan of action
4. have a plan for the money

if you don’t have a plan of action and a plan for the money when you get to court you will get denied.

the court is under the fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the payee( that’s you), so prepare yourself.

stayed tuned i will be posting more articles some written by my some written by other professionals in the field. as i try to take you through the entire process and point out pit falls.

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