Orange County Structured Settlement Transfer Granted

Orange County Structured Settlement Transfer Granted

Structured Settlement Transfer is Granted Without Court Appearance by Claimant



July 1, 2014/AFG Press Release/


Claimant had an independent professional adviser; got 62.6% of their $127,000 structured settlement and walked away with roughly $80,000.  Usually the claimant will walk away with less because they didn’t have an independent professional adviser.  Regardless if you appear in court, an independent professional adviser is critical to get every penny for your dollar.


It’s called the tentative ruling system.  Judges are so busy that if they can rule on a case ahead of time and post the ruling online, they will.  If an appearance is needed, then an interested party requests it through the department court clerk via email or a phone call.  Otherwise, the hearing would be taken off the schedule, and the tentative ruling becomes the final ruling of the court, just as if it happened today in Orange County Superior Court for a person with no family obligations.


The tentative rulings are posted the day before a hearing is scheduled; some superior courts post tentative rulings days before a scheduled hearing.  Structured settlement transfer cases with no family obligations, no issues, can be granted through a tentative ruling without appearances.  It is always best to consult with an independent professional adviser that has litigating experience to find out if you qualify for a “no appearance” tentative ruling.


The Need for your Independent Professional Adviser…

…is greater than ever.  You still need to shop around for a good price on your structured settlement payment rights.  You are entering into a complex contract that requires judicial oversight.  Court records reflect sellers getting a good deal on their payments, and other times not so much.  Why?


The Judge Makes Sure Everything is Legal

Judges can’t control what doesn’t “seem” fair.  Court records reflect a low return for some sellers of structured settlement payment rights.  Court records show the judge verifying with the seller, “You are aware of what you are doing?”  Your independent professional adviser can be proactive and shop around for you before you sign any contracts and get a possible “Denied” in a tentative ruling.


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