Filing Structured Settlement Transfer

Block 16.4 Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights


OAG May Charge for Filing Structured Settlement Transfer Agreement


California Insurance Code 10139(c) simply states, “The Attorney General may charge a reasonable fee for the filing of the transfer agreement as provided in this section.  The fee shall be paid by the transferee.”


Just as there is a filing fee for the petition to the Superior Court, there can be a filing fee for the transfer agreement to the Attorney General’s Office too.  Note that this fee is for the filing itself, not for a “review”, if the Attorney General chose to review your transfer agreement.


The transfer company would pay for the filing fee to the Attorney General, just like they pay for the filing fee of the petition to the Superior Court.


Seeing how the Attorney General serves a 4-year term, at a maximum of 2 terms, this code is written with the phrase “may charge”, because Attorney Generals will change.  But this code won’t.  Some Attorney General’s will want to charge a reasonable fee, and some will not want to charge a fee at all.


You can visit the Office of the Attorney General’s website for up-to-date information on “servicing the Attorney General”:


Currently in California, there is no fee for statutory compliance.


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