Companies Can Still Buy Structured Settlement Payments Part III

Companies Can Still Buy Structured Settlement Payments Part III 

Companies that buy structured settlement payments are not on a level playing field with the NSSTA, still.


What the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) isn’t openly informing the disabled person looking to sell their structured settlement payments is that there are a multitude of disabilities that will not need medical attention in the future or will not need medical equipment.  They are encompassing ALL disabilities into one bag.


There are permanent partial disabilities that are the result of an injury:  loss of a finger or fingers, loss of a toe or toes, partial loss of hearing or loss of an eye, loss of a thumb, a spleen, a testicle.  After the initial medical attention, these types of disabilities are not going to need a new wheelchair or need the support of an In-Home-Health-Support-Service worker at $400 a week, or visits to the doctor and specialists for the rest of your life.  Those are the people the NSSTA is looking out for; not the person who won a settlement, but really doesn’t need the money the way the court intended them to have.


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