Annuity Issuer and Structured Settlement Obligor

. Block 17.4 Article 2.3 Transfers of Structured Settlement Payment Rights


Annuity Issuer and Structured Settlement Obligor Not Required to Divide Payments


10139.3(e) states, “Neither the annuity issuer nor the structured settlement obligor may be required to divide any structured settlement payment between the payee and any transferee or assignee or between two or more transferees or assignees.”


Who then divides the money?  Does the structured settlement obligor or the annuity issuer ever divide the money?  Did something bad happen in the past that they can’t divide the money?  Do they have motive?  What is this law telling us?


We’re eliminating people that aren’t responsible, we can tell you that much.


Call an independent professional adviser, or a broker and find out.  We’re here to help.

Eugene Ahtirski Strucutred Settlement Attorney Expert

Attorney Eugene Ahtirski Strucutred Settlement Expert







The Law Offices of Eugene Ahtirski s a recognized expert in the area of structured settlement transfers. With experience as the transfer attorney, the independent professional adviser, and as the private investor underwriter.

The experience to transfer a structured settlement into a secondary market annuity, also known as preissued annuity.


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